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Roubaix will indisputably always stays in everyone’s mind the city of the legendary race Paris-Roubaix.

But it is also a pure state city, Roubaix is rich from its old past textiles’ history and now a days the all city managed to bring it to the actual spirit of the time. As its abundant industrial heritage reinvented as an interesting touristic destination.

The most beautiful example of this conversion is the museum La Piscine, established in old public baths which were built in 1932. This incredible Art Deco scenery museum attracts more than 300 000 visitors per year.

Otherwise, the arty and creative spirit of the town is all over the streets, between artist’s studios, lofts and galeries. That is a quite interesting artistic thing to discover  it from the inside twice a year during the «Nuit des Arts» (the Art’s Night) and also during the Open Roubaix on each first Sunday of the month.

This all-out arty spirit is evident to see on the several street art frescoes. Roubaix is an  incredible giant playground for the street art community of Lille metropolitan area artists, and also for the international ones.

Roubaix is also a city of tomorrow, the city is committed for 4 years on the zero-waste goal, mobilising all areas, considering new trades approaches. An also its sustainable Christmas market and a few creative and innovative shopping addresses. 

Cosmopolitan, bustling, endearing, Roubaix is all of that, but also and mostly a strongly alternative city.

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